Till What Age Height Increases

how to grow tallerHeight is the problem many people struggle with an many of them wish they grew few inches more or less.

How much person will grow is mostly determined by genetics. Because of that how tall someone might be can be told roughly by looking at that person’s relatives and see how tall they are.

Most people complete their growing at the age of 20.

Some people grow even after that period and some stay tall as they were when they were 15. Some people start growing earlier and finish this process earlier, this is because their hormones started taking effect before than they did at the others.

Main question many people ask themselves is why did they stop growing?

The answer lies in our body, to be precise in our endocrine glands system which controls our growth.

There are four main endocrine glands:

Thyroid gland which is located in the neck, the pituitary in the brain, thymus in the chest and there are also sex glands. Some of these glands start working earlier and some later, because of them it is normal that some parts of our body grow earlier and some of them need some time to grow.

The thymus gland and sex glands have certain relationship with each other.

As long as thymus gland works the sex glands remain small, with time as we grow sex glands grow up and thymus gland stops working.

This is why we all stop growing at around 20 years because we become sexually mature and our sex glands have reached their maturity.

Sometimes sex glands grow up too early and thymus gland stops working too early. As a result person that had such case stays shorter.

Humans grow under influence of certain hormones which are made by several glands throughout our body, the height increases to the point when thymus gland stops working and this happens mostly at the age of 20.

Despite that there are many different ways to increase height and many people were successful to make it.

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